Professional Hair & Makeup

Boudoir Hair & Makeup

Glamourous curls, dramatic eyes, and perfectly pink cheeks are just the beginning steps to creating your boudoir look. The stylists of The Beauty Bar take your ideas, and their skill to turn you into even more of a breathtaking beauty!

Boudoir Hair & Makeup

What's boudoir without retro hair and flirty makeup? From Victory Rolls, to the Riveter, the women of The Beauty Bar are able to replicate a diverse range of pin up looks to help you achieve a sexy, classic retro look!

Benefits of Pro Hair & Makeup

Hair & makeup for photo shoots is dramatically different than just your every day hair and makeup. There is highlighting done in the makeup to guarantee the right lines and shapes are accentuated, and when it comes to hair it's very important to avoid flyaways, and frizz. This is even more true with pin up looks that require the expertise to modernize retro hair styling, so it matches your style.

Luckily our artists are skilled in creating boudoir looks that pop when seen through our lens, and give you all of the oomph you need to feel sexy and have fun during your session. Using airbrush makeup, the foundation is flawless and feels light on your skin. Your eyelashes will take your look even further when they add just enough lashes to highlight your gorgeous eyes.


Have a particular look in mind? The stylists start every session by hearing your ideas, and checking out any inspiration photos you may have. They'll continue to communicate with you throughout the shoot to guarantee you love your look!