Boudoir Photography
Why Boudoir?

Some people insist boudoir is simply a trend, but we disagree! Boudoir has evolved from the glamour portraits they used to be into timeless feminine portraits that capture a woman's splendor. We've been able to photograph women ranging in age from early 20s to low 60s, from slender to full-figured, short to tall, and the list goes on. Despite what you may have heard boudoir isn't just for models. It's about celebrating your natural beauty, and feeling empowered by your body. A lot of times our clients will tell us that they recently lost weight, ran a marathon, or beaten cancer, and they want to show off what they've accomplished with their body.

Hair & Makeup


Inspiration & Posing

After the first few poses everything tends to come a bit more naturally. We welcome your suggestions and will try anything you would like. After all it's your shoot! If you've provided inspiration photographs we will have them available as references throughout the shoot.

What Should I Expect?

We start every shoot with one question, "what is your favorite musical artist?" From there we hit play on Pandora and start going through your outfits. Our large lounge area gives you plenty of room to spread out and put all of your pieces together. We try to start with the most covered or playful outfit. It's always best to ease into the shoot so you have time to become comfortable.

Once you're dressed we start shooting! By starting in the most clothed or playful outfit the first few poses can be a bit more tame. Most of the time we'll place you in a scene and give a few ideas of how to pose and let you do what comes naturally. If you're the type of person that needs more direction we'll show you exactly how to strike a particular pose and let you rock it your way.

 I just want to send a huge thank you for being so awesome yesterday, and for being SO patient. You really know how to make a person feel comfortable & at ease!! I had a blast and felt like a celebrity. Wish I could come back and do more - I'm already thinking of booking another shoot, it was that much fun! Boudoir Client
what to wear?

We recommend 3-5 outfits for a 1 hour session, and 4-6 for a 1.5 hour session. The number varies based on how complcated your outfits are, and how many poses you would like to do in each. We don't include topless or nude photographs in our suggested outfit numbers as they normally require very little changing time.

do you retouch?

Yes! All of our boudoir photographs go through enhanced editing, which means we smooth skin, and take care of any blemishes, scars, stretch marks or cellulite. Have a particular "problem area?" Let us know and we'll be sure to take care of it. Our editing is done to enhance not "fix", giving you a magazine ready, natural look.

who photographs me?

At Boudoir by Lauren Elizabeth we have we have an all female staff. We will sit down with you before the shoot to go over poses and the process.

how do I book?

Complete the contact form on this site, or give us a call.