About Boudoir Photography

About Boudoir

Our approach to boudoir is simple: combine great lighting, dynamic posing, and a beautiful woman to achieve stunning results. Our Studio has seen women of all ages, shapes, and sizes, and every single one of them has been a joy to photograph. When you're comfortable, having fun, and open to showing off what you love about yourself, you simply cannot go wrong.

We pride ourselves on giving our clients a completely unique experience. It's important that your shoot matches your style, and gives you the opportunity to freely express yourself in a worry-free environment. We encourage you to bring inspiration photos, or share your boudoir pinterest board with us. Need a cheerleader? Bring a friend, or two! The more fun you're having the more likely you are to let go and pose your heart out.

They look incredible..way better than I could have ever expected!! I received the calendar yesterday and I absolutely love it!!!! It's soo beautiful..he's going to LOVE it!!!Nicole

Playful & Flirty

Boudoir can be about being playful and flirty by using the power of suggestion. No matter what the oufit, you will be pushing out those hips and showing off all of the curves you didn't know you had. Whether you're slender or full-figured, pin up is exagerated, dramatic, and so much fun. We recommend picking outfits that have vintage style but modern appeal. We fit each shoot to your personality, so your style is key.

Posing is truly key. Luckily boudoir lends itself to diversity and anyone can look absolutely incredible striking pose. We've been able to shoot calendar themed shoots, military themed shoots, and simply for the fun of it shoots. Each woman so different, and each one putting their own twist on the traditional boudoir style.

I am so so so happy with how my pictures came out! You did such an amazing job, I will recommend this to everyone for sure! (And maybe do another shoot :)Toni
Enhanced Editing

Every photograph included in our boudoir & pin up packages included enhanced editing. This means we smooth skin, remove blemishes, and eliminate stretch marks, scars, and cellulite.

How it's Done

Our process starts with our equipment. Our lenses provide crisp focus, with the dramatic blur that provides a soft, subtlety to the photographs. With Studio lighting we're able to illuminate your skin, and make your best features really pop.

With every step our main goal is to enhance your natural beauty. This includes blending your makeup, and accentuating your eyes. We are also able to eliminate any bumps or lines that maybe caused by your outfits. Once we've retouched your photographs we adjust the tone, so that your skin is warm in tone and shines through. In the end we've created portraits that show off your ultimate gorgeous self!